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Wednesday, 16 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 19, 2019

    Parksville Announces Head Staff

    Camp Gan Yisroel of Parksville, NY has announced their head staff for the upcoming summer of 5779. Full Story

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    thank you!!!!
    thank you!!!!

    to all who give their summer to instill Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit with a chayus into Yiddishe kinderlach-
    you will surely gain too
    and the effects will be everlasting

    a proud father of a camper
    a proud father of a camper

    Gan yisrael parksville for the past few years is. Been doing a incredible job in the chinnuch of our children last year 6th grade had a incredible mivtza which my son came back and really changed after the summer thank you to the. Counsloors of bunk chof bies!

    And thank you to rabbi futerfas and all the people that have put hard work into making this camp the way the rebbe wants it to be!

    Best head counsler ever!!!
    Best head counsler ever!!!

    I’ve known Hatomim Boruch Ceitlin for many years. I can honestly say that by choosing Boruch for this position, Rabbi Futerfas has made the best choice in his sixty plus years of running Gan Yisroel. A more capable, hard working, chassidishe, caring and dedicated person you cannot find. Every head counsler has specific talents that contribute to a successful summer, but Boruch Ceitlin is unique in that he has ALL the tallents necessary for this job. I was going to send my son to a different camp ( a camp which I still hold in high regard), but when I… Read more »