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Tuesday, 19 Av, 5779
  |  August 20, 2019
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    • I am meir s singer mother. The card was with me and it got lost. How do I contact person who found it. Thank you Ady Singer 3477445376

    • i lost a white gold wedding band in Oholei Torah wednesday night. leah marmulszteyn 917 226 9840 email [email protected]

    • @Meir Singer: Found blue Chase credit card on President Street belonging to Meir Singer.

    • Large keyring with several kinds of keys on it, some labelled. One purple key, the rest are silver/bronze etc. If found please call 347-529-8985. Thank you!

    • I found a credit card belonging to Moshe Horowitz on Flatbush Ave. Outside the Brooklyn Public Library Call 917 622 7920 to claim

    • Lost license plates for commercial vehicle Please call 917-538-0012

    • Lost a gold baby hightop shoe size 21 with a velcro strap and a flower in front. Lost in Crown Heights. If found please call 3475281220

    • Lost money in an envelope with a picture of the Rebbe inside. The picture is more important. if found please contact 917-873-9312

    • Lost my Volvo car keys on Friday near the Empire Kosher parking lot area. Any info please call 832-215-6073

    • I found a golden bracelet in 770 please call/text me 631-664-9831 Please forward this message so the righteous owner can retrieve what they lost

    • Found money on Wednesday on Montgomery btwn Albany and troy. Call 917-587-7164

    • Found a earring. If you lost a earring please message 347-494-2813

    • Found childs outfit a few years ago on Eastern pkwy Was a winter striped one piece. To give simanim, pls email [email protected]

    • Lost The 12 Dimensions of Israel Book by Nechama NadbornyBurgeman. Pls contact [email protected]

    • Tefilin (rashi rabbainu tam and talis) were found around 4 years ago,during chanukah,in possession of a goy'isher (gentile) vendor on avenue in crown heights. call 347 423 0228

    • If you lost a Earirng this Shabbos Parshas Chukas around eastern parkway and Brooklyn please text 347-494-2813

    • My son went swimming today in Oholei Torah and couldn’t find his second sneaker. If found please call 9178635479

    • Los little girl shakos shoe. Size 24 company blublonc. Likely on Troy or Albany. Please call 323-770-4530.

    • Found money on Union Street. Pls call with amount lost. 917 743 2274

    • Lost neon pouch with wallet and key inside. on kingston ave between eastern parkway and carrol st. if found please call 917 620 0593

    • Gold earing with bronze stones hanging lost on kingston avenue or 770 durning Shabbes 3 tamuz. If found please call +1929 513 7381, Or whatsapp +5511985559733

    • Found a Rebbe Dollar on street last night about 10:30 pm while walking south on Kingston Avenue near Crown Street. If you lost one, call (347) 546-3770 or (347) 528-8400 and tell what is written on the dollar.

    • Diamond bangle bracelet lost this morning July 4 th near the marketplace or Benzys. Please call 3472472517. 100 dollar reward if retuned

    • jewelry was left on a table at the bake house on eny avenue. please call 917-803-5743 if you lost jewelry at the bake house.

    • After gimel Tammuz program lost black sandisk- MP3. If found please call 9178635479

    • A pair of glasses were lost last night in front of 770 after the Gimmel tamuz event and was found by a lady who gave it to a bochur that might have been a staff member standing on Kingston and Ep . Please call 347 616 9782 to return it to the owner

    • A bachur visiting CH today June 28( erev shabbos mevarchim) lost an old White iPhone 5, no case in crown heights. If found please contact Chaim 7788056077. Thank you! Gut shabbos

    • Found on President St corner Kingston Ave - a blue tall Coleman bag (probably a tent), on Wednesday June 26. Seems like it was mistakenly left behind from a bochur's summer lugagge. Text or Whattsap 718-809-5504.

    • Lost my ford car key this week in Crown Heights. Please text 917-855-4123 if found.

    • lost diamond hoop earring probably at Rosenblat/Berg wedding (or from across Eastern Pkway walking to the hall) if anyone finds please call 718-536-8690. thank you. Lucy Wasserman

    • Lost black leather wallet near Kingston Bake Shop Please call or text 763 350 2790 if found Thank you

    • I lost my apple airpods on kingston ave. a few days ago if you found please email [email protected] or call 347-720-2607 i have a siman to verify it.

    • A long gold earing with a heart shape on the end was lost on troy avenue last thursday-yud zayin sivan -718-928-5714 Thank you!

    • Lost cell phone on Friday afternoon at around 2:40 on Kingston Avenue somewhere between East New York ( outside the Market place) and the corner of Montgomery and Kingston. If found please call +61425790875 Thanks so much

    • Lost earring at the Zakon - Herson wedding Tuesday night. If found please email [email protected] .

    • Lost prescription eyeglasses, plastic frame (greenish color) in Crown Heights. If you found it, please call or text me at 718-809-5504.

    • lost a baby boy blue fishermen sandal size 4. please message 3474971993. thank you.

    • Lost blue key chain with 2 keys if found please contact 347-533-2589. Thank you.