Monday, 15 Iyyar, 5782
  |  May 16, 2022

Over 265 Have Joined the New ‘Shidduch Influencers’

Following the recent letter written by Shlucha Yehudis Blumimg about her plan to revolutionize the way Shidduchim ideas are networked, over 265 people have joined to become a 'Shidduch Influencer.' Full Story

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Better one action
May 12, 2022 9:47 pm

Than 1,000 conversations around the Shabbos Table

May 12, 2022 11:43 pm

Interesting term. I think it’s more important that Shadchanim learn how to listen than “Influence.”

Can I upvote this multiple times please.
Reply to  "Influencers"
May 13, 2022 4:49 am

Really wanna.

Don't worry they master the skill
Reply to  "Influencers"
May 13, 2022 4:50 am

…of pretending to listen and even repeating back to you what you said so that they can INFLUENCE you to change your mind/heart/self

Mind blowing
May 13, 2022 12:25 am

If each one affected one think how many people we can make a real impact to and help them with finding their Bashert! Yehudis kol hakovod thank you for taking lead!

to all the "influencers" who love to "influence"
May 13, 2022 12:37 am

you may be excited about this, and it might make you feel good to be a part of this

but you forget that not everyone is interested in you talking about them with a bunch of other people

so unless someone asked you to put out their name please don’t decide for them to talk to a bunch of people about them, please withhold from doing so

Shidduchim are so fun.

Its just so amazing to spend thousands of dollars meeting girls in their hometown just to discover some basic stuff you were straight up lied to about by a well-meaning shadchan who didn’t agree with you on how big of a deal it was that…

from a single surrounded by lots of "helpful" ppl:
May 13, 2022 1:09 am

When trying to help singles please remember to put their feelings above your own pride ask permission before posting our pictures and resume on any website or whatsapp groups. dont assume we want your help as much as you want to give it no means no! if you make a suggestion and we say its not for me – that means it is not for me. please do not harass, threaten with eternal singlehood or go ahead with your idea behind our back be honest. if you lie about a serious issue we will somehow find out (hopefully before the… Read more »

please be respectful
May 13, 2022 1:16 am

to all the people who join and especially to the administrators of this program: please ensure the singles are treated with respect. i have had so many bad experiences with people who want to help, including those who have made the websites and the shidduch whatsapp group, who were so condescending and rude when i reached out with a concern. they treated me like i have no rights because i am single and should just be grateful that they are “rescuing” me. if you are creating a system to help you must also put protocols in place to handle complaints.… Read more »

March on
May 13, 2022 2:00 am

To the organizers kol hakovod for showing the singles that they are cared and loved. It’s hard when the shidduch game is so challenging so anything in the right direction of being a help is so grateful and appreciated!

Be thankful
May 13, 2022 2:17 am

To the singles in the comments above yes of course we need to be sensitive. We need to be sensitive to everyone, yet also be appreciative. Everyone is busy in life, and if there are a group of people that want to make an initiative to truly care for you guys just say THANK You! It’s a trait that will get you far when you are single and god willing when you will be married! Start practicing now!!

I love when more whatsapp groups are made.
May 13, 2022 4:58 am

Now all the same profiles of people who’s parents have differing views on a plethora of subjects can now keep scrolling through the endless list of names that they’ve seen before on all the other groups and maybe reconsider inventing a new race of people so there can be some new names added to the lists and maybe one of the new names will be one of their ideas that they developed and it will be seen as a reflection of themselves which is exactly what they are looking for in a son/daughter in law.

Reply to  I love when more whatsapp groups are made.
May 14, 2022 5:23 am

Use your time to suggest a shidduch or help someone out rather than putting down a good initiative.

Sorry but not sorry.
May 13, 2022 5:16 am

The actual crisis- Girls want guys who are frum and mentchlich but many of those girls have a problem with frumkeit once it doesn’t benefit them or demands something of them? … Wait so because he is serious about G-d he wants to be married to someone tsnius???? Oh…. Well that changes things. Guys are to blame as well, we are definitely not as learned as we should be, not as mentchlich and refined as we could be, and not as good looking as girls would like us to be. I guess we just have to convert all the instagram… Read more »

This comment may be a really bad move.
May 13, 2022 5:26 am

Seems like the pretty girls think they are okay however they are and the girls who aren’t so pretty hide behind hilchos tznius. There i said it. There’s an educational issue. Not a shidduch crisis. What is the value of the Laws? Why do we keep them? To protect our sensitive selves from (ironically) ourselves? We are so much better, smarter, deeper, and purer than that. It’s absolutely crazy that there are few exceptions to the above. And it also seems like there aren’t that many guys who are so chassidish and removed from the world that they are okay… Read more »

Parent's requirement "lists" ...
May 13, 2022 5:37 am

…are longer than their children’s.


BT discrimination

Must agree with parents on views on wide variety of subjects particularly vaccine…

Must not know any lashon hara about anyone remotely connected with family.

maybe add the word SOME
Reply to  Parent's requirement "lists" ...
May 13, 2022 11:22 am

maybe some parents, but many B”H do not have these lists you speak about

May 13, 2022 9:45 am

Please DO NOT post anything without explicit permission from the girl/boy. It’s an extremely vulnerable time to begin with and having your picture and information floating around everywhere and out of your control can feel violating. We appreciate the effort but at the end of the day this is for us to get married-not for you to make a shidduch. If you truly care about us, ask before posting.

Response to all the comments
May 13, 2022 9:46 am

Thank you for all the comments here about the integrity of the process and the need to advocate for those who want this form of advocacy and the utmost respect for those that choose otherwise.
It’s their life, future and complete right to dignity and privacy . PERIOD

As someone involved with some of the organizers- You can rest assured that that is absolutely the formula that is being followed here. Tenderly and sensitively, gently being the voice for those who choose and respecting those who this isn’t for them 

There is no crisis
May 13, 2022 9:57 am

There is no shidduch crisis the number of girls and guys are pretty much the same. The crisis is our values and the secular world seeped in. Guys think they will get supermodels from all the garbage they are looking at and girls are waiting to get the guys as accomplished with all the degrees she got. Both need to get a realty check and remember good old Chassidis! You are looking for your bashet to start a home together and will mold and adjust to lots of things on the way. Be flexible and keep the Torah as your… Read more »

May 13, 2022 11:24 am

DO NOT put up names, pictures, resumes about anyone, without getting THEIR CONSENT

this is unfortunately an issue

Reply to  to ALL THE SHIDDUCH GROUPS out there
May 15, 2022 1:38 pm

Please see comment # 13 that responded to the question of # 7

and Really # 3 said all that I could add

BtW # 14 – Are you still single ? I would love to meet you

This is such a positive initiative!!
May 14, 2022 5:25 am

Thank you for arranging this and taking the time to care!!

It should be with tremendous hatzlocha and make many everlasting simchos bzh!!

Mechoyil el choyil!