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Tuesday, 13 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 16, 2019

    Lawsuit Against Irvine Kaparos

    An animal rights group has filed a lawsuit against the Irvine, California Police Department for not halting the Kaparos custom. Full Story

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    May it be the will of our God that....
    May it be the will of our God that....

    …our Jewish Liberal brothers and sisters fight ISIS and other Human Right abuses with the same oomph and passion as they fight traditional Jewish practices.

    Shana Tova to ALL.

    אמו  ואמו to #1
    אמו ואמו to #1

    כתיבה וחתימה טובה & משיח עכשיו!

    Swing by the legs?
    Swing by the legs?

    Last I saw only an idiot would do that as the chickens would have free range to give a peck!!! Ouch! Personally I put my chicken or chickens in a box and circle it around my head. Keeps me from getting chicken poop on me – but I agree – if someone believes the worst thing in this world is this then they are either naive or crazy!