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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    Israel Supporters March In Rain

    Drenching rain couldn't dampen the spirits of tens of thousands of Jews and supporters of Israel who filled Manhattan's streets in the annual Israel Day parade. Full Story, Photos, Video

    “Giveaway Day” At Ten Yad

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    big Z Schapiro
    big Z Schapiro

    there’s only one thing I can say is that is we want moshiach now we don’t want to wait I’m Yisroel Chai

    When will Chabad Corp., or a Chabad House march?
    When will Chabad Corp., or a Chabad House march?

    In this beautiful annual show of Jewish unity and pride?!
    Imagine the great Kiddush Hashem (and Chabad) to again trend-set in the Black-Hat-Orthodox world. Imagine the Mivtzoim-themed possibilities…
    Mark my words…it will happen, and when it does, others will follow.
    PH – Teaneck, NJ


    I think people forget what Chabad’s position is on Zionism. First of all read kuntres u’mayon which the Rebbe himself published and publicized, which has a hosafah which explains quite clearly what our position is on Zionism, suffice to say it is not a friendly position (to the extent Satmar Chasidim often post the words of the Rebbe Rashab at the front of their synagogues, since he came out with the full charifus with the best lashon). Some think that because the Rebbe was nice to those who supported Zionism and to the Government officials of the medinah, he must… Read more »