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Tuesday, 22 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 25, 2019

    Weekly Moment With the Rebbe

    Weekly moment with the Rebbe by the Avner Institute: What caused the Rebbe to cry bitter tears during Simchas Torah? Full Story

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    he had a Rebbe to turn to
    he had a Rebbe to turn to

    he was in terrible situatuin
    and troubled by his Nisyonois …. but he had a Mannhig Hador, He had a Mosheh Rabeinu!!!!! A pysical one even though he was in Russai

    What do we have ?
    how do we answer the boys and Bochurim and Girls today who are bothered by disturbing thoughts in Shmoeinei Esrei!!!!


    Thank you Collive – very powerful

    To 1
    To 1

    Why ruin every beautiful thing?
    Yes we want Moshiach. But don’t say the Rebbe has chv left his flock. It’s simply not true. We just want the easy way out. But truth comes with genuine effort.
    You need help from the Rebbe, go to the Ohel, and when you’re there, don’t accuse the Rebbe of chv abandoning his flock.