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Monday, 19 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 22, 2019

    Torah Celebrated in Frankfurt Streets

    Hundreds joined Chabad of Frankfurt, Germany for the completion celebration of a new Torah with a joyous procession in the city's streets. Full Story, Photos

    Tonight: Teachers Workshop in Crown Heights

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    He Told His Parents His Legs Hurt…

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    Brings tears of joy to my eyes
    Brings tears of joy to my eyes

    WE beat him, we beat that menuval! In his backyard! He lost, they lost, we won big. Am Yisroel Chai v’kayom lo’ad ulolmei olamim.

    פרנקפורט שלוחים
    פרנקפורט שלוחים

    כל הכבוד כל הכבוד
    ההאחדות שיש ביניכם היא תביא את המשיח!!!!!!!
    הבלין גורביץ מנדלסוו רוזנברג שילוב מנצח

    No1 said it best!!
    No1 said it best!!

    What a massive kiddush Hashem!!
    I wouldve loved to be at that fancy dinner !!