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Tuesday, 22 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 25, 2019

    Tonight: Jacobson Lecture

    Tonight, Monday, Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson will deliver a lecture entitled "Responding to Mumbai: A New Sense of Unity Emerged; How Do We Sustain it?" The lecture will serve as the launch of, a site which will offer top caliber live Shiurim, lectures and courses. Full Story

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    its been such a long time! such a long time for such a idea to come into fruition

    as a side point theyeshivaworld during mumbai had a live video window in play on their home page which opened up IN MUTE look into this and it would be nice to open with the farbrengen in motion but that was something theyeshivaworld knew how to do

    all the best to disseminating yiddishkeit

    Great news
    Great news

    I’m sure it will bring MUCH good. I’ts very inspiring to see gifted people who are willing to use out their talents for a great cause