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Tuesday, 22 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 25, 2019

    No Deal in Agri Buy

    A potential buyer has made a pitch for Rubashkin's, the beleaguered kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, but the deal no longer seems likely, according to the court-appointed CEO, Joseph Sarachek, who called the proposal "half-baked." The company may also be forced to forfeit their well-known trademark brands. Full Story

    Sole Survivor: “You are Gabi’s final will”

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    In other words
    In other words

    The prosecutor and the goverment want to “bury” the Rubashkins and not allow them to havce anything with doing business ever again
    you can tell from all of the legal menuvers that whom ever is behind it is motivated by more then just justice and the law!! it is time to start investigating the investigators

    A very bad and dangerous precedent
    A very bad and dangerous precedent

    The government has applied a law, usually reserved for illegal activity such as drug dealing, money laundering, or prostitution, and has, for the first time, applied it to a legal business, meat packing, and claimed that since they hired illegal aliens the entire proiceeds of the business are now ill gotten gains. 1) The law was never applied in this manner. 2) Agriprocessors has not yet stood trial and there has been no formal determination that they in fact knowingly hired illegal aliens and such as a seizure is way premature prior to such a determination. The government’s own complaint… Read more »

    please daven for sholom mordechai halevi ben rivka
    please daven for sholom mordechai halevi ben rivka

    on this yom tov of chof kislev may Hashem grant him an immediate release from jail and from all charges against him and his family. when one yid is in trouble we are all in trouble. this case has been dealt with in a completely unprecendented and anti-semitic manner from day 1