Nov 28, 2018
Wedding: Zirkind - Miller

The wedding of Bentzy Zirkind of Montreal, Canada and Leah Miller of Crown Heights was held at Razag in Crown Heights. A special Teshura was given out.

At the wedding, a Teshurah was given out with interesting letters from the Rebbe which were not published before and a new article on the Rebbe's views on Kabbalah study. Download here

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Mazal Tov!
MAZAL TOV, Tzipporah, Hindy and Mendy
From the Habers, your old neighbors
(11/29/2018 2:31:03 AM)
Mazel tov!
Mazel tov from the Golds of Miami Beach!
(12/1/2018 7:01:11 PM)
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