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Wednesday, 23 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 26, 2019

    Shidduchim: When Nothing Works

    Chassidus Applied: Speaking after Hamapil, Shidduchim not moving, cursing another person and the recent MicDrop issue. Video

    And He Was Named Yonah…

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    L’Chaim: Vorst – Barash

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    Your website
    Your website

    Your website makes it quite hard to view Chassidus applied essays. Firstly, there is no “Essays” option on the main menu – only abstract categories like “Life Skills”, “MLC University” and “my MLC”. I end up just using the search engine to look up essays. Which is counterintuitive. Secondly, when I wanted to look up a certain essay you mentioned, I browsed through EVERY essay from 2018 and it didn’t show up, but when I googled the title it showed me a link.
    Can you possibly make it easier to access and browse through essays?

    Dedicated MyLife Website Coming Soon IYH
    Dedicated MyLife Website Coming Soon IYH

    Thank you comment #1 for pointing out this challenge. Due to the growing popularity of the MyLife broadcast and the immense body of work resulting from the annual Essay Contest, a new website will be launched in March exclusively dedicated to MyLife Project. We look forward to better serving our community with rich resources. -The MLC Office