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Thursday, 21 Av, 5779
  |  August 22, 2019
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    Response to ‘Teenagers Drowning’

    Chassidus Applied: Rabbi Simon Jacobson responds to the op-ed "My Teenage Friends Are Drowning" posted on Video

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    Thank you!
    Thank you!

    So relevant and refreshing!

    so happy that you responded !
    so happy that you responded !

    I was looking everywhere for an answer to that article!
    I’m overjoyed there is at least one person who is DOING SOMETHING about it! thank you so so so so so so much!!! will recommend this to all I know!!

    So grateful to see this follow-up!
    So grateful to see this follow-up!

    I am privileged to be one of the teachers of the girl who wrote the original article, and I will be sharing this very wise response with my students. 17:23-39:35