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Wednesday, 20 Av, 5779
  |  August 21, 2019
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    Triple Crown winner Victor Espinoza visited the Rebbe's Ohel a year after his historic win, joined by Chabad of Kingsborough Shliach Rabbi Efraim Zaltzman. More

    L’Chaim: Lichy – Salazar

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    such a kiddush Hashem
    such a kiddush Hashem

    It was in the newspapers how victor espinosa the jockey went to the ohel before winning. But what was strange is that the jewish owner Mr zayid didn’t go to the ohel. But the owner agreed not to be mechalel shabbos regarding the race which was run on shabbos. Thanks to chabad he agreed to not mechalel shabbos regarding it I heard.

    Is Espinoza himself Jewish?
    Is Espinoza himself Jewish?

    Espinoza is probably actually the same name as Spinoza… wondering if he is himself Jewish or perhaps descended from conversos?