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Friday, 19 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 24, 2019

    Dubai Dealt with Chabad?

    An article about American Jewish Sephardim on a Muslim site claims: "The Dubai government brought Chabad representatives and other groups with their own ethnocentric perspective on the East." Full Story

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    montreal calling
    montreal calling

    Totally deluded individual: 1) If anything, the Sephardim, more than the Ashkenazim, have more antagonism towards Arabs and rightfully so. Sephardic Jews have been living in Arab lands for many hundreds of years prior to being chased out mercilessly and after being robbed, beaten and/or murdered by their Arab neighbours. 2) The USA, G-d bless it, has been very kind to the Jews. At the same time, however, it is kind to all people, not just the Jews. Work hard, play by the rules and respect your fellow man is a likely recipe for achieving success in the USA. 3)… Read more »

    Hardworking Jew
    Hardworking Jew

    We do not come to strange lands eat from it’s fruits and then slap it in the face for hosting us. We are a jewish family who came from Syria in the 90’s to a different country, left our homes and property in syria to come to the USA to pursue religious freedom. We came with nothing, worked hard and thank G-D became very successful. We used the opportunity of freedom this amazing country has to offer to advance ourselves and produce for society rather than talking about how unfair it is that people are successful because the work hard.… Read more »