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Monday, 14 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 17, 2019

    Connecting with Your Teen

    Webcast #17 with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch on dating, marriage and family issues: Teens at Risk - Connecting with Your Child. Video

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    Gets Better and Better
    Gets Better and Better


    Your shiurim and thoughts are spot on!

    Thank you, Chazak V’amatz!

    C.Y. Klainberg, Detroit. MI

    don't agree on some points
    don't agree on some points

    ….im my opinion as the oldest of a large family is that many of these “determining factors” of a good relationship with your child are not as critical as they are made out to be. If too much effort is put into this I feel like it will have counter results because at some point it will become fake. Yes, quality time one hundred percent agreed is very important but even so what determines that that quality time is indeed “quality?” This is a very important factor in any relationship but it needs to be real and “lishma”. not for… Read more »

    Pintele Yid
    Pintele Yid

    Very nice. I don’t think the pinteleh yid is the individuality that’s perceptible, in fact I think it’s about the yechida which is beyond consciousness normally.