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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    Alter Rebbe’s Descendants Gather

    200 descendants of the Alter Rebbe gathered at a special Melave Malka, singing nigunim, hearing stories and dividing the Shulchan Aruch. Full Story, Photos

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    Am I wrong to suggest
    Am I wrong to suggest

    .. that the whole point of the Baal Shem tov was that all Jews are equal before Hashem and we all wear kapotes so as not to distinguish one chosid over another. If this group of special Yichusim wants to get together sure why not but to publicise it to everyone else kind of rubs me the wrong way. Am I wrong to point this out ? Does this event being publicised bring us all together or elevate one group over the rest, just by being born in a (very special, no doubt) family. What do others think of my… Read more »

    Alter Rebbe's Descendants Melave Malka
    Alter Rebbe's Descendants Melave Malka

    The annual gathering of the Alter Rebbe’s Descendants was started at the instruction of the Rebbe…