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Tuesday, 20 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 23, 2019

    $540K for Bochurim Worldwide

    The Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, an organization that cares for Bochurim worldwide during Tishrei and a whole year round, has launched a matching campaign to fund their vital projects. Full Story

    Kalman Tzvi Steinmetz, OBM

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    Go Vaad!
    Go Vaad!

    One of the most vital organizations today!

    Literally helping Bochurim be the best they can be.

    Comment #1
    Comment #1

    Ditto. Just donated. I can’t be there Tishrei, this is a great way to be part of the zchus.

    Our Rebbe foresaw...
    Our Rebbe foresaw...

    Our Rebbe understood that a effective method to ensure that chasidim will be motivated to increase their holy activities after histalkus is by increasing competition among chasidim (akin to Kin’as Sofrim Tarbeh Chochmah). Our Rebbe could’ve stated clearly, unequivocally and unambiguously who should run Chabad’s central institutions, what should and what should not be publicized etc etc.. But our Rebbe in his great wisdom understood that absent competing forces, perhaps Chasidim would not be as “excited and passionate” in continuing the Rebbbe’s work. Yisron Ha’or Habah Min Hachoshech Davka. Specifically because of the ambiguity – which gave rise to the… Read more »