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Feb 8, 2016

Watch: California Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon OBM shares a powerful message the Rebbe sent his family after losing a loved one. Full Story, Video


Feb 8, 2016

Merkos Vice Chair Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky comforts Mashpia Rabbi Mendel Gordon in London on the passing of his brother, California Shliach Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon OBM. Photo


Feb 8, 2016

Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Gordon, one of the most celebrated Chabad Shluchim in the US and a master teacher to tens of thousands, passed away. Full Story, Photos


Feb 8, 2016

Amazon Shliach Rabbi Arieh Raichman's children couldn't attend the regional Shluchim Kinus. They soon found out the reason. Full Story, Photos


Feb 8, 2016

The L'Chaim of Mendel Schmukler of Montreal, Canada and Chaykee Cohen of Encino, CA took place at Beis Levi Yitzchak Shul in Crown Heights. Photos


Feb 8, 2016

Photos: Chana Benchimol

Seminary Chaya Mushka of Tzfas marked Chof Beis Shvat with an inspiring Kinus and banquet joined by Montreal Seminary. Full Story, Photos


Feb 7, 2016

Fans of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have a place where they can unite in New Hampshire this week: Chabad's pop-up shop. Full Story


Feb 7, 2016

Illustration photo by Mushka Lightstone

A pregnant Shlucha's baby was diagnosed with a severe case of congenital heart disease. Prayers and donations are being asked. Full Story


Feb 7, 2016

Successful businesswomen Julie Gniwisch, Devorah Halberstam, Devoree Axelrod and Chaya Abelsky will give advice for women's success in the workplace, Monday in Crown Heights. Full Story

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Feb 7, 2016

Applied Chassidus with Rabbi Simon Jacobson: Spouse vs. Parents; Growing through a Tough Childhood; Giving up on Children? Process of Writing and Publishing Sichos. Video


Feb 7, 2016

Retired firefighter Joseph Scaramuzzino met Zalman Friedman, the Lubavitcher he saved from a burning building 14 years ago. Full Story, Photos


Feb 7, 2016

Asher Cherkasskiy became a symbol of "new Ukraine" after joining the pro-Kiev militia. One thing concerned him on the battlefield. Full Story


Feb 7, 2016

The Center For Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical Center has newly instituted the highest level of hashgacha for couples undergoing fertility treatment.
Full Story


Feb 7, 2016

California's Head Shliach Rabbi Shlomo Cunin remains farbrenging long after Shabbos ends at 770 Eastern Parkway.


Feb 7, 2016

Renowned architecture firm Arquitectonica will design Chabad of the Grove's expansion and renovation of its iconic Chabad House. Full Story, Photos


Feb 7, 2016

The L'Chaim of Yaakov Wrightman of Toronto, Ontario and Rachelle Btesh of Bal Harbour, FL took place at Beis Levi Yitzchak Shul in Crown Heights. Photos


Feb 7, 2016

Rabbi Shea Hecht addressed over a hundred post-seminary girls on the topic of “Thirteen Secrets to Successful Dating’. Full Story


Feb 6, 2016

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: A personal story on how the Rebbe's manuscripts were miraculously saved.

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Feb 5, 2016

A fire drill sent Bais Chaya Mushka students outside to Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles. They turned the moment into a spiritual one. Full Story, Photos, Video

Feb 5, 2016

Thousands of Chasidim from across the globe united on a global webcast farbrengen commemorating Chof Beis Shvat and inspiring with lessons from the Rebbetzin's life. Full Story, Photos, Video

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Feb 4, 2016

The Yiddish-English speaking Chabad Yeshiva in Cholon will reopen next year, after being closed due to a fire in its dormitory. Full Story

Feb 5, 2016

Watch the Rebbe speak in English about the meaning of the Hakhel year to a group of Chabad supporters at 770 Eastern Parkway. Full Story, Video

Feb 5, 2016

Bochurim who learned in Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto last year reunited for a joint learning session to fulfill the Rebbe's directive to learn in groups during the year of Hakhel. Full Story

Feb 5, 2016

Chabad Chayil center of Highland Lakes, FL will soon break ground on a new 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art educational center. Full Story

Feb 5, 2016

Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston, formerly Yeshivas Kayitz Tannersville, for bochurim in 8th grade and Mesivta, has opened registration for their third anticipated summer. Full Story

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ILearn program: 10:00 Tanya with rabbi Silberberg 11:00 parasha with mrs. Lieberman 12:00 Rabbi Green Halacha 1:00 Hebrew skills. at 556 crown st.
Story Time at the Library! Join Morah Mira as she reads "Big, Small, or Just One Wall," by Leibel Fajnland, then color a picture of all different types of Shuls! Geared for ages 4-8 at Levi Yitzchok Library- 305 Kingston Ave
Pilates class tomorrow night at 8:30 P.M at 499 Crown St. at 499 Crown St.
Peretz Hildeshaim - Crown Heights to Leah Kaminetzky - Australia at Bais Rivkah 310 Crown Street
Emmanuel Salazar - Colombia/Pittsburgh to Necha Laskey - Detroit, MI/Los Angeles at FREE
Mendy Ulman - Sydney, Australia to Esther Levin - Philadelphia, PA at Chovevei Torah
Feb 15
Mothers of Mothers Learning Group: Join with other mothers for a round table discussion group and learn the Chassidic perspective to support you in your role of parenting older and married children! at Levi Yitzchok Library- 305 Kingston Ave
Feb 15
Junior Nshei presents part 2 of 'Food for Life' Kashrus Series: ý'Be in the know: Halachic overview for kosher consumers' with Rabbi Levi Garelik at 1354 Carrol street
Feb 16
Raise A Chosid-Join with fellow mothers for a discussion on the awesome job of motherhood and parenting young children according to chassidus! PLUS: 1:00pm, join us for a two part Parenting Support Group with Mrs. Miriam Yerushalmi, trained psychologist, family therapist, and SPARKS counselor. at Levi Yitzchok Library- 305 Kingston Ave
Feb 16
L'Chaim: Shneur Zalman - Crown Heights to Raizel Eidelman - Crown Heights at Bais Levi Yitzchak

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- BEIS BINYOMIN 2 Shachris Minyonim available
Beis Binyomin at 680 Montgomery street has 2 minyonim for shachris at 6:15 and 7:15 available for a Chyuv. If you are in need for the omed | more...
- House for sale Prime location
2 family house, detached, 30x70 in mint condition, Sacrifice price. 1.5 million. must close by January 31st 2016 Wont last! please email | more...
Prime location on Kingston in a nice clean building. All newly renovated. Approximately 475 square feet. Available immediately. Call 718-704-6 | more...
- Teaching/Shlichus Position in beautiful Northern California
We are looking for 1 or 2 (prefer 2) girls to come work in S. Mateo, beginning mid -February. One of our teachers will be getting married and | more...
- Wouldn't You Rather Own than Rent
Are the Real Estate prices in Crown Heights getting you down? Wouldn’t you love to own a 4 Bedroom home for well under $500,000? Homes avail | more...
- Secretary for catering business
Secretary needed for busy home catering business in flatbush before Pesach! Need to fill few positions. Single, Organized, Great communicatio | more...
- ABA Aide
We are looking for ABA Aide (Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA) to work with children with autism in the afternoons. During Shabbos and weekends | more...
- Sales Rep - Oh! Nuts
We are looking for short and long-term sales representatives. Our office is near the Ohel. We are looking for quality employees who are hard-w | more...

Nichum Aveilim
-The Dubrawsky family will be sitting Shiva after the passing of Mrs. Asya Dubrawsky at the Katzman house, 186 Roosevelt Avenue, Staten Island NY.
Shachris at 8:00 am
Mincha at 5:00
Maariv at zman

Shiva from 10-2 PM and then from 4-9:30 PM
Friday from 10-2

Found a Tehillim on Lefferts Avenue today that has on it "Eliezer Natan Jacobi". The book is an Artscroll Tehilim.
It has a beautiful note from his fiance that is dated 25 Adar 2004.
Really want to get this back to the person it belongs to!
Please email me at
on a ride back from Ohel a bochur left a Marks&Spencer pullover sweater that says Lambswool it is reddish and black
please email

If you wear a 44R Kapoteh from Tzemach Menswear, Montreal, and you went to the Mikva on Friday, 26 Shvat, at Carroll and Schnectaty, then you took my Kapoteh. Your's is still hanging there. Please go exchange them or conact me. 315-727-3164


A Shlucha borrowed my leather siddur, on Thursday at the armory, and I did not get it back. It has the name Bayla on the cover. If you have it, or have info about it, please call 438-939-5037. Thanks.
Found a silver ring with little diamonds on Brooklyn ave. Between Crown and Montgomery. Contact: (347)200 0632
A leather covered chitas with the name "Ateŕa Zaadle"was left by me. Please get it.


Found a portable charger by Oholei Torah last night after the Brikmans w simonim
718 974 3677

I lost my coat in 770 during Yud/Yud Alef Shevat after farbrengen.

Black wool coat size 18
It's says "Levinson" in Hebrew inside.
Please call 7182137058 or 7184677682
Found a kovetz with a dollar, probably was left at my house years ago. The owner was apparently an Israeli bochur who has been on shlichus to Mexico. Description posted here:

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