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Sunday, 21 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 26, 2019

    Weekly Photo of the Rebbe

    COLlive and The Avner Institute present a weekly first-time released photo of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Here, the Rebbe is seen addressing the 1990 N'shei Chabad convention at the main Shul in 770. Full Photo

    Comedian Attends Valley Event

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    “why is there “banners” on the wall????”

    how come I dont see those stupid comments here?! or maybe banners in 770 are not that bad…

    Color war
    Color war

    There were always banners in 770 (at least in the Mems). Color war didnt start after 3 Tamuz or even after 27 Adar. BTW,all those who are worrying about “oifen Hamiskabel ” for the Frum Oilum ” should hide these pictures. These are alot more damaging for a Poilsha Chosid then Yechi and even Shlita. Uder min shamt zich mitn Rebbe,uder nisht.

    Rachel Zehava
    Rachel Zehava

    This is just the most beautiful thing ever! I pray that Jewish women should unite again like that for the gr8 holy words of the Torah! May this gr8 Tzadik & his people be blessed with a year of only simchah, gr8 Geulah in 5770!