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Thursday, 15 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 18, 2019

    Vodka Owner’s Reason for L’Chaim

    David Katz, owner of Zyr Vodka, was visiting Eber's Liquor Store in Crown Heights and was given a great reason to toast L’chaim. Full Story

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    Thank you Shluchim!
    Thank you Shluchim!

    Thank you for honoring us Crown Heightsers with your presence and reinspiring us by your beautiful example!!

    Reb Yudi Eber
    Reb Yudi Eber

    is my main man, a heart of gold to all those lucky to know him, as am I.

    Your bro in Canada,

    Good Shabbos !!!

    Nothing new!
    Nothing new!

    Yudi Eber is always looking for an opportunity to do mivtza tefillin in the store….there is always a pair of tefillin on the ready there. A real Chabad house on the avenue!! Yasher koach!!