Feb 7, 2019
Event to Unite Frum Stenographers
Ricky Woonteiler providing CART - closed captioning at the Kinus Hashluchos Banquet

Two Lubavitch women will be speaking at the New York State Court Reporters Association event to be held in Crown Heights.

An event about the world of court reporting and stenography will take place in Crown Heights on February 17 at the Jewish Children's Museum.

The informative evening will feature two Lubavitch women who are professionals in the field, who will be giving insights into this exciting profession and a glimpse into the world of court reporting and captioning.

The event will be an evening of networking and camaraderie, joined by many of New York's 75 Frum court reporters, and will include addresses from Rivka Teich, a federal official and court reporter for over 19 years, and Ricky Woonteiler, a CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation, also known as closed captioning), provider.

"The event is not to be missed by anyone interested in learning more about the world of Court Reporting and Stenography," Devora Hackner, one of the organizers, said.

Teich will discuss the advantages and importance of being a court reporter, due to its flexibility in schedule, ideal for a Frum person, especially a working mother.

She will share stories and explain how the person that makes the record is vital to any legal proceeding.

Woonteiler will be part of a special Q&A panel for students and those wanting to learn about what other avenues the skill of court reporting can lead to.

The event will also feature live captions in English with simultaneous Hebrew translation.

"We invite everyone to come, be educated, and see the many opportunities in this field," organizers said.

Schools which provide training in the court reporting field will be featured in the vendor hall, including TTI, a frum online school.

Please register at www.nyscra.org.

For more information about the event, email crcw2019@gmail.com .

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Ricky Woonteiler providing CART - closed captioning at the Kinus Hashluchos Banquet
Ricky Woonteiler providing CART - closed captioning at the Kinus Hashluchos Banquet

Opinions and Comments
sounds very interesting
wish I could come !!
(2/7/2019 8:03:22 PM)
Great idea
Thank you for opening this up to Crown Heights women expose and inform them about this great career opportunity
(2/7/2019 8:34:21 PM)
This is amazing, Rivka Teich is incredible! Highly recommend to go (even if you think you aren’t so interested in court reporting!)
(2/7/2019 11:08:12 PM)
Would be great if a video of the speakers can be posted on collive after the event for all of us who aren't in N.Y. or not able to make it
(2/8/2019 4:24:11 AM)
Go ricky
Ricky you are amazing keep working hard
(2/8/2019 6:21:56 AM)
Kol Hakavod
Frum stenographers of the world unite!!
(2/8/2019 7:13:42 AM)
Yea, Ricky!
The most wonderful young woman I know - heart of gold. All success to you!
(2/9/2019 7:10:03 PM)
Ricky Ricky Ricky
Shout out to the wonderful Ricky! Your job is so cool and it just exemplifies the kindness in your heart!!
(2/10/2019 9:46:16 PM)
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