Dec 4, 2018
The Women's Circle Isn't the Same

As they are entering their eighth year of community building here in Crown Heights, The Womenís Circle just isnít the same as it used to be.

The Womenís Circle just isnít the same as it used to be.

Attendance at their signature program, Wednesdayís Caffeine for the Soul, has doubled in the last year and more and more women are crowding into special events. New ideas are being bounced around. Even the location has changed.

But thatís the thing. They're a Circle. So a few more women mean pushing their chairs back and sliding in extras. It means opening their minds to new ideas and friends. It means that they can circle it forward. And really, thatís what they do best.

The Womenís Circle has rolled so far since its early days in 2012. Then, a few moms banded together to learn Chassidus, connect as a unit, and stay inspired on their journeys. All that happened, and as their little community strengthened and grew, so did the intensity of their mission.

They are entering their eighth year of community building here in Crown Heights and now, more than ever, Crown Heights is watching their initial investment circle forward. The babies who took their first steps amidst toys and talks are studying in elementary school. The sichas learned in those early days have shaped homes and blocks. Most dramatically, it is the women who come, the regulars and the drop-ins, who have developed a rapport that is mutually inspiring and challenging. They are circling it forward.

But don't take their word for it! Watch this video and hear Shaindy Jacobson, Gitty Rapoport, Etty Gurevitch, and others, tell their WC story.

So itís not the same as it was all those Wednesdays ago. Thatís a good thing. And despite its growth, or perhaps because of it, the Circle of Women is only tighter and more powerful than ever.

They are growing. They need your help. Join them, as they Circle into a new year and keep advancing forward. They are raising $50K this Tuesday, on Chanukah.

Every dollar raised goes directly to the WC. No platform fee. No joke. Straight up tzedaka.


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Crown hights is alive boruch hashem.
(12/4/2018 3:02:34 PM)
If CH is going to organize to combat crime and internal corruption, it will probably come from women like this.

Anonymous Guy
(12/4/2018 5:10:40 PM)
People like to talk...
...about the fact that Crown Heights is too large for a community. How we need micro communities so everybody has a place they belong.
I can say first hand that the womenís circle isnít just talking, itís literally changing lives and infusing them with torah and warmth. With belonging.
So now itís our time to not just talk. Donate!
(12/4/2018 10:03:16 PM)
Please Donate!!
Worthy cause!!!
(12/5/2018 12:33:52 AM)
Number 3
You said it!
Thanks collive for letting everyone know about it!!
(12/5/2018 11:28:51 AM)
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