Oct 11, 2017
Extra Help Boosts Rural Australia

Record-breaking Jewish programs were held this month in Rural Australia thanks to the dedication of Shluchim and bochurim.

Under the auspices of Shaul and Beverly Spigler, Jews all across Rural and Regional Australia were able to participate in record-breaking Jewish programs during the Month of Tishrei.

Thousands of Rural Jews across the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were visited by one of the Chabad of RARA teams operating during the Month of Tishrei.

Chabad of RARA is founded by the Spiglers and running it is Rabbi Yossi and Malki Rodal with Rabbi Ari and Mushkie Rubin running the North Queensland branch.

Preparations already began during the month of Elul with Honey cakes being delivered all across Queensland and NSW by the Chabad Of RARA teams Sholom Berkowitz and Mendel Richler as well as the Rubins.

Many of the Jews were touched by the care of the Rabbis and were moved to tell others of the kind gestures made by the Chabad of RARA team. Tens of new faces were added to the nearest Shules because of the visits.

Rosh Hashana saw over 140 Jews come to the first night services in Cairns with Steady minyanim throughout. Rabbi Mendy and Mussie Rosenbaum flew out specifically to help out the Chabad of RARA base of North Queensland and run the children's programs.

Meanwhile, the RARA team were busy making minyanim in Newcastle for the Jews there. Thank G-d there were minanim for all the services for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in both locations.

Sukkot was especially fun for the RARA communities with events held in Geelong, Albury Newcastle, Townsville, Magnetic Island, South Johnstone, Cairns and the Tablelands. Visiting those cities were a mixture of the RARA teams and local volunteers.

There were Sushi and Scotch in Sukka events, Shakshuka in the Sukka events, the roving sukka's and the traditional Sukka under the stars meals. The events saw many new people join the RARA communities and excitement was running around contagiously.

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Go Aussies
Hey, Rubins! Missing u in CH, but see u r doing great work!
(10/11/2017 2:17:10 PM)
Amazing Work Spiglers!!!
(10/14/2017 6:20:10 AM)
Your biggest fan!
Shmulik Rodal - cutest shliach in the Outback!!!!
(10/14/2017 8:37:37 AM)
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