Aug 20, 2017
L'Chaim: Ohana - Itkin
Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

The L'Chaim of Yisrael Ohana of Crown Heights and Goldie Itkin of Pittsburgh, PA took place at Eshel Hall in Crown Heights.

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

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BS"D Mazel Tov the chevra from Chevra Shaas
(8/20/2017 9:42:04 AM)
A huge Mazal tov from Chevron!
(8/20/2017 2:46:01 PM)
A hartizke Mazel Tov to Rabbi Yosef & Nechama Itkin!
To a very special Family, the Itkin Family of Pittsburgh, Mazel Tov!
All the brochos to the choson & kalah.
Yirmi Cohen
(8/20/2017 2:58:55 PM)
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