May 8, 2017
Girls Retreat Camp Announce Staff

The Jewish Girls Retreat has announced their Head Staff for the upcoming Summer Retreat.

The Jewish Girls Retreat, a project of Jewish Girls Unite - a global community for Jewish girls of all backgrounds - is gearing up for Summer 2017.

The camp program will launch JGU's theme which will be “Sing Your Song”. The girls will explore the songs composed by the Jewish people throughout history through workshops, fun activities, nature adventure and trips. The lucky eighty campers of JGR, will create inspirational and educational content that will be presented on the Jewish Girls Unite website and during global broadcasts for Jewish day schools and girls around the world. The campers will record songs in a professional studio, create a virtual art gallery, perform in a concert at the WAMC performing arts center, write blogs and a newsletter and film a movie with dances and songs, directed by Chava Dunn.

In a warm and nurturing atmosphere, campers are inspired by an incredible team of staff members to express their talents, build self confidence and Jewish pride. The following people have joined Rabbi Avraham and Nechama Laber, Camp directors to lead the summer of 2017: Camp Mom - Mrs. Bassie Weiss, Assistant Directors - Rabbi Naftoli & Chavie Sobel, Head Chefs - Binyomin & Gita Gammal, Admin - Chaya Shepherd, Program Director - Shira Nessenof, Art Clubs Head - Chana Laber, Education Director - Chaya Mushka Lezak, Head Counselors - Michali Eisenman & Miriam Bekhor, Yaldah Division Head - Shterna Gurary, Teen Head Counselors - Devorah Frank & Tani Minkowitz, Lamplighters Heads (High School program) - Shayna Mushka Saxon & Miriam Overlander.

Our mission at Jewish Girls Unite is to encourage girls to use their talents to light up the world. "We are so excited to offer every girl the opportunity to shine her light, in her own unique way," said Nechama Laber, Founder and director. We are using cutting-edge technology to create educational and creative content connected to Jewish themes to inspire Jewish girls around the world.

For anyone who is still looking for a life changing summer in a warm, creative and accepting environment, there are still a few spots left for girls ages 8-16. We also looking for a few more counselors and a lifeguard.

For more information and to register, visit

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Opinions and Comments
Incredible camp!!
A camp that you walk into and feel the love, positivity and warmth. Where EVERYONE is important, special and talented. Where EVERYONE can shine and get the attention they need. Highly recommend 👌🏼
-staff member '74
(5/8/2017 3:12:42 PM)
Omgggg go Miriam bekhur!!!! She's amazing!!
(5/8/2017 4:20:38 PM)
Best Camp Ever!
As a staff member for 3 retreats I can say that there is no camp that cares about each individual camper like JGR. A place where you open your heart and learn to truly shine your own special light. A summer of a lifetime!
(5/8/2017 4:39:04 PM)
There is no place like JGR
My life has been impacted forever from the times spent there.
(5/8/2017 4:55:07 PM)
Michali, Miriam, Devora, and Tani!
Amazing girls. JGR is super fortunate!

(5/8/2017 5:48:08 PM)
This is a camper... I've been going to JGR for a few years and I'm so excited for this summer!! 💕
(5/9/2017 6:52:12 AM)
Wonderful experience
My daughter has loved this camp ever since she started going 6 years ago. She hasn't missed a summer or a winter retreat since then. No matter what else is going on in her life, she makes sure we send her every time. She has made some good lasting friends. A couple of them are far away, but she shares such a bond with them that is an amazing thing to see. Also, this program keeps her love of Judaism alive and nourishes her spirit. I love Nechama and her family and JGR!!! This is the best program out there.
(5/23/2017 5:59:40 PM)
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