Oct 23, 2012
Work Advice Readily Available

A workspace for young Crown Heights professionals was opened with one participant crediting advice he got from his father.

By COLlive reporter

A new communal workspace in Crown Heights for Jewish working people was launched Monday with a wine and sushi buffet and a lecture by a social entrepreneur and educator.

Located at 510 Empire Blvd., the service was opened by the Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE) group, offering high-speed internet access and onsite proofreading and critiquing for business writing.

It is the crystallization of more than 5 years of work by Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, who heads CHYE, with the youth and young professionals of the Crown Heights Jewish community.

"We often forget that all of the Rebbeim, dating back to the Baal Shem Tov, put great importance on attending to the livelihood of the Jewish community," said Werde, who uses the space on Shabbos for the Besht Center, a local shul.

"We're blessed with many programs that inspire greatness in those that wish to serve as shluchim and rabbonim," he said. "Our vision with CHYE is to impart the skills for success in those looking to enter the world of business."

40 of the male participants were told that since it was opened a year ago, the CHYE has attracted some 300 people to its networking and educational events, in addition to a mentorship program.

The group say that attendees are encouraged to "share skills and knowledge with the future generation of Crown Heights businessmen and women."

"A center like this is vital for the community," said Steve Mariotti, author and founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) who praised the role of group and its important role in the community.

Through such work, "we can identify those gifted with the entrepreneurial spirit... unlocking the key to a new generation of prosperity," he said.

Following brief remarks by Levi Teitlebaum, a founding member of the group, an award was given to Lavie Popack, founder and CEO of MPower Energy which sells electricity and natural gas in the New York City area.

Popack's company was announced as the Donor of the Month.

"It's important to know, that no matter how much you grow, you must never lose track of where you have come from," he said, crediting advice he has been receiving from his father, property owner Yossi Popack.

Popack also credited the importance of having a "mastermind" or brain-trust to tap into for advice. "CHYE's programming provides this powerful tool for young entrepreneurs," he said.

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Opinions and Comments
Smart idea
I had a very good time.
I think as we'll it's an amazing smart idea and it will do very well.
That Australian wine was amazing, anyone know what it's it was called and were I could by it from.
(10/23/2012 5:41:14 PM)
Yasher Koach Rabbi Werde. Filling a real need.
Get Kivi Bernhard in; he speaks all over the world about real business strategies to Fortune 500 companies. Plus he synthesizes being a Jew and working in the world like all the young Chevra do!
(10/23/2012 5:49:01 PM)
Pls can you give me # to these sushi guys? They look great!
(10/23/2012 7:15:24 PM)
go werde's
midtown and FIT rock because of you.
(10/23/2012 7:35:00 PM)
great idea
i think its fantastic that if somebody wants to learn how to earn an honest living in the business work, he should be given opportunity to learn the necessary skills. yafeh torah im derech eretz...
(10/23/2012 7:56:50 PM)
I would of went but
I dont have plastic framed glasses
(10/23/2012 8:21:14 PM)
(10/23/2012 8:23:12 PM)
Australian wine
The wine is from the liquor store on empire. Near empire kosher.
(10/23/2012 9:26:27 PM)
yasher koach on your important shlichus in Crown Heights!
(10/23/2012 9:37:48 PM)
steve mariotti founder NFTE
what a wonderful evening!
(10/23/2012 9:39:48 PM)
When are you doing this for working woman????
Sorry, I am dissapointed there are no woman. Is it rocket science that woman today equally support the home and I am talking about parnossa, not to mention also doing all the traditional duties before, after and even during work (making calls, emails to follow up appointments, and purchase groceries on line) Woman need these forums and some support being that they mostly do BOTH.
(10/23/2012 10:26:57 PM)
Best Idea
If you dont get to be born with money, at least marry money!
(10/23/2012 10:43:09 PM)
gershon in vegas
Yakov Werde, you sure get around!
(10/23/2012 11:24:05 PM)
To mumber 1
I'm with you on that...
That Australian Harkham wine was the best stuff I ever
(10/23/2012 11:26:06 PM)
to 11
There were women at the event. As there are by most CHYE events.
(10/24/2012 12:30:52 AM)
can there be women-only hours to use this workspace?
(10/24/2012 3:45:17 AM)
no women?
now how did that happen?
(10/24/2012 8:11:20 AM)
The best
Lavie popack is the man!
(10/24/2012 11:59:44 AM)
Lavie Popack
Go Lavie Popack!! Keep up your wonderful work!!
(10/24/2012 2:07:05 PM)
Hatzlacha Raba!...Oh and the Paintings!
Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha Raba to all of those who are involved! Hope it turns out to be a gr-8 success! It looks like you have a gr-8 leader Baruch Hashem. You know how the saying goes... Gr-8 leaders produce gr-8 people/businessman/ women! Bracha V'Hatzlacha:)!
By the way the paintings in the background are gorgeous, beautiful! I'd love to know who painted them.!?Thanks! The program & place R looking good:)!Thanks!
(10/24/2012 4:32:06 PM)
sruly brook
hi ta
(10/24/2012 6:24:10 PM)
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