Sep 29, 2010
NY Politicos Hosted in Sukkah
Photos by Zelig Shaul for

New York Comptroller John Liu, State Senator Eric Adams and others came to Chanina Sperlin's Sukkah to congratulate him on his new Crown Heights position.

Chanina Sperlin has been appointed as Executive Vice President for Governmental Affairs and Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC).

Involved in community affairs for over a decade, Sperlin hosted this week his first event in the new volunteer position, hosting local and public officials in his home Sukkah.

Among them were New York Comptroller John Liu, New York State Senator Eric Adams, New York City Council members Dr. Mathew Eugene and Letitia James.

Greeting them were CHJCC Chairman Zaki Tamir and members Fishel Brownstein and Yossi Hackner.

Also attending was Bobov activist Ben Barber and other Jewish community members from Boro Park and Williamsburg.

The CHJCC members announced the new areas of activity in which volunteers have undertaken to form committees and to recognize the commitment of Crown Heights residents to their community.

"One of the main goals of this CHJCC administration is to involve as many Crown Heights community residents as possible in the various projects, programs, and services that the Council sponsors," said Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of CHJCC.

He said that by creating committees for each of the various programming areas, the Board members are able to increase the manpower and expertise available to set and implement policies for the CHJCC and expand the reach of CHJCC programming.

Tamir said of Sperlin's appointment: "Chanina has a unique way of representing us that has been effective until now and will undoubtedly benefit the neighborhood going forward.

"By bestowing this official title to Chanina we are giving him the authority he needs to make his voice heard for us, but at the same time we are holding him out as an example of what dedicated volunteers can achieve.
We hope others will follow his lead." was told that numerous individuals have already signed up for committees such as Employment, Education, Kashrus, and Technology.

Email if you would like to get involved and volunteer your time for the community.

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The Real Joe
I am not trying to bash the new Vaad but at what point are going to start moving away from the culture of giving honor to politicians whenever they throw us a few crumbs which long term damage us more then they help us with the rise of the tea party across America we got to prepare for the day the Government money stops coming our way but figure out how to utilizes the things that us and the Tea Party have in common which I am happy to report is a lot more then what us and the Democrats have
(9/29/2010 3:35:20 PM)

(9/29/2010 3:40:41 PM)
alternate side parking on Eastwern parkway
with all their connections they cant stop the alternte side parking on Shabbos on Eastern parkway, with 5 more days of the week?

looks like everyone had a nice time.

did they sing any songs together?
(9/29/2010 3:54:15 PM)
Comment # 1
I take you as being sincere in your wondering about entertaining Elected Officials.

Are you not aware of the Rebbes regard and concern that we have good relations with Elected Officials. Every Shliach looks to develop contacts with officials.

Just recently Shluchim got together in Washington, DC to meet, greet and network with Elected Officials. Collive had a beautiful write up about this and I don’t recall your comment on that or other such events.

To the new Vadd, I give you a “Birkas Hedyet”, you should be matzliach in making this shchuna worthy of the Rebbes-CROWN heights.

Please continue to seek out those who are talented in all fields and incorporate them in your work.

Again, Thank you Zaki, thank you Fishel, thank you Yossi.

Last but not least, thank you Chanina and (Rabbi) Shea, the first of new committees, but not the last.

(9/29/2010 4:52:21 PM)
Go yosef kramer
Always there for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10/2/2010 10:41:50 PM)
what'sperlins new job?
(10/3/2010 12:23:02 AM)
I don't see Shea there was he there?
(10/3/2010 10:35:08 AM)
Chanina is the man!
Great job Chanina.
(10/3/2010 1:20:49 PM)
Dear comment # 7

Rabbi Hecht was defiantly invited and was to host these distinguished guests and address them as well.

However Rabbi Hecht was visiting his children, who are Shluchim upstate.

(10/3/2010 6:19:02 PM)
your nieces niece
(10/17/2010 7:42:04 PM)
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