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Thursday, 24 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 27, 2019

    Shluchim Discuss National Push for Moment of Silence

    Watch: At an online Kinus Hisorerus, hosted by Chazak of Merkos 302, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky and Shluchim bring words of Chizuk and a call to action following the terrible shooting at the Chabad Center of Poway. Full Story, Video

    Shabbos Learning in Honor of Poway

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    There is already an amazing chossid who single Handedly runs the project of “moment of silence” he should be contacted and help direct shluchim and others how to effectively put it in place in institutions around the world. His site is:

    Channa van halem
    Channa van halem

    Why only public school? Do it in every school public or not . And why wasn’t this brought up after the shooting in the shul in pitsburg. We are all
    Jews doesn’t matter we we pray and what our level of observance is!

    Rabbi Avraham Frank and 7 laws of Noah
    Rabbi Avraham Frank and 7 laws of Noah

    Speak to Rabbi Avraham Frank. He runs Moment of Silence. Only one. About time Shluchim encourage Moment of silence. Excellent Program.

    Also, Time to do 7 Laws of Noah.