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Wednesday, 23 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 26, 2019

    Rabbi Landa by the Rebbe

    In memoriam: Photos of Bnei Brak Rabbi Moshe Landa OBM meeting the Rebbe over the years and visiting 770 Eastern Parkway. Photos, Video

    Levaya For a Mes Mitzvah

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    very accommodating
    very accommodating

    in 1988 i was in eretz yisroel for pesach.
    i arrived late and it was way after bediks chometz (around 1-2 am) and was desperately looking for a rav who would sell my chometz with an orev kablan (as is the pesak of the alter rebbe).
    horav landau z”l showed no sign of resent, was very accommodating and patient with me, invited me into his bureau and enlisted me in his list of chometz sellers.

    Look carefully at the pictures of this true Chossid...
    Look carefully at the pictures of this true Chossid...

    Despite being physically taller, in every picture he is “looking up” towards the Rebbe, showing how that giant in Halacha is still a Chossid of a greater Rebbe.


    What’s happening in the last picture? Who is it?