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Friday, 16 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 19, 2019

    ‘R’ Yisroel Invented the Television’

    Form the COLlive Inbox: R’ Sholom Ber Gordon once said at a farbrengen that R’ Yisroel Jacobson obm invented the television. Full Story

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    TV was already available  then
    TV was already available then

    Philo Farnsworth invented television in 1927 and the first TV station started broadcasting in 1928. By the time of this farbrengen TV sets were commercially available, though very expensive.

    Gut Gezogt
    Gut Gezogt

    He spells it out pretty clear. Thanks for the information and the inspiration. I’m clicking the JEM link.

    To #1
    To #1

    Wow so you know how to Google! 🙂
    I think he said they never heard of a TV in 1930s Brownsville, not that they didn’t exist. I’m probably much older than you and I can remember when the first family on our block got a TV set.
    But why quibble since it wasn’t even the point of the article.