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Monday, 19 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 22, 2019

    New website defends Agri

    A new website aims to tackle the media's "flexibly with the facts" about the Rubashkin-owned Agriprocessors meat-packaging factory Full Story

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    good luck
    good luck

    good luck to the rubashkin family. the media was not fair to them throughout this whole story.
    I wish them all the best.

    who to believe?
    who to believe?

    why should anyone believe what the rubashkin’s have to say if it has been proven otherwise by the government officials, inspectors, and the media? It’s very easy to change the conditions to be legal and good for workers AFTER the fact and claim that that’s how it always was.

    inocent  till proven guilty
    inocent till proven guilty

    Mr. who to believe, u must be an anti semite jew hater -all the rubashkins want to do is give thier side of the story after all the media is just bashing them all the time- give them a chance- no glaich a frashk- u must be a very unhappy human bieng!!

    no fan of agri but
    no fan of agri but

    im no fan of thiers but i just read the new webpage…..
    how enlightening…. they may not be the monsters afterall??
    only question….what took them so long to put up the web page…they did start convincing me………