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Mar 13 2017
Peretz Kaplan - Montreal, Canada to Sara Katz - Crown Heights

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What a awesome awesome boy
What a awesome awesome boy...truly incredible both inside and out
an 11th grader
fave teacher everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Wishing the Kaplan Family lots of Mazal Tov and Revealed Brochos ... Lots of Simchas and Health and Happiness

Lots of Love your neighbours :)
! the beast in town farshurrt
Sara -- the best in town
11th grader
Mazel Tov to the greatest teacher!!!!!
Akiva & Kayla
What wonderful news,
Wishing you all the Brochas B"GUR
miryam swerdlov
i'm sure peretz is a great bochur, but i don't know him, i know Sara and she is INCREDIBLE. a REAL MENTCH. so this is obviously a goooooooooood shidduch.
mazeltov to both families.
mazel tov peretz!
best guy! lucky girl
The Rosenblums
Mazel tov! Chosen & Kallah, Rochel & Leibel and to the whole Kaplan & Katz families. Much Chassidishe nachas and only simchas in good health!

Sonny & Linda
MAZAL TOV RIVKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, apt 6 ;)
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