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Monday, 14 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 17, 2019

    It’s the Sugar, Not the Stirring

    Chelm debated what makes the tea sweet, the sugar or the act of stirring? This comes to my mind when discussions over environmental problems come up, writes Rabbi Reuven Rubin. Full Story

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    Why ?
    Why ?

    Why would you post article form these “hechsher tzedek” endorsers rubashkin haters?

    How about  caring for our health?
    How about caring for our health?

    I believe that Hechsherim should be considering the health of the jewish community before they certify any given product as Kosher. The Frum community should be protected from all the physical ailments that come from eating Sugar/Junk foods. Aside from not indulging which is an issur on it’s own. We have to consider the health of the entire Jewish community when we put a Hechsher on any product. Untill recent years the Religeous community was a bunch of healthy eaters, untill the Rabbis started certifying all this crap. This applies to all those preganent women and young school children Etc.… Read more »