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Sunday, 17 Av, 5779
  |  August 18, 2019
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    Is Reading Secular Literature OK?

    Chassidus Applied: Are quality secular books better than poor Jewish books, writing Ziy"a on the Rebbe and the immigration debate. Video

    The K-Factor With Yosef Sidof

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    Please post summary to the question asked:
    Please post summary to the question asked:

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    Is it acceptable to read quality secular books, or must we resign ourselves to Jewish books of poor literary quality?

    I don't think this a question
    I don't think this a question

    there are some excellent jewish writers out there. when you read secular literature it contaminates the mind. How good is my marriage when this fictional “husband” does so much for his “wife.” the greatest averas are explained away. meanwhile the greatest Jewish writers help a person get closer to H-Shem, understand their spouse and/or mother in law better etc.