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Friday, 19 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 24, 2019

    How To Prevent Becoming Abuser

    Rabbi Simon Jacobson on Elul, children attracted to violence, preventing from becoming an abuser and how to be more organized. Video

    Can You Dissolve Ice on Shabbos

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    1. Stone age your environment wrote:
    1. Stone age your environment wrote:

    It is true that these horrific tendecies have been around since time immemorial But now, with the internet and “mainstream” media flooding the world with this stuff, the tendecies and curiousities into these disgusting perversions will only multiply at unusually high rate. Even the best filters will not prevent these ideas from getting through. You know, just a generation ago, who ever heard of “same-gender” marriage? Now, hardly a day goes by without the media glorifying and elevating these perverts to be respected like KINGS! May I suggest that, at the very least, stone age your home as much as… Read more »