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Sunday, 17 Av, 5779
  |  August 18, 2019
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    Don’t Leave Home Without Matzah

    On Erev Pesach, Tennessee Shliach Levi Klein left for a kashrus job and decided to take with him an extra box of Shmura Matzah. Full Story

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    Menachem Mendel Lieberman Shliach  Hempstead NY
    Menachem Mendel Lieberman Shliach Hempstead NY

    Are family was driving down to Florida for Pesach. We stayed over for the night off the highway in Dillon South Carolina.
    Bh we also said let’s bring a box of shmurah matzah with us . In the morning while we we’re having a coffee we met a Jewish couple from Jacksonville FL . We we’re able to give them the matzah. They were overjoyed to have a shmurah matzah for pesach.
    Mendel Lieberman 10 Yrs old.
    Hempstead NY

    Yasher Koach
    Yasher Koach

    Good Job, Mendel and Levi.

    For all the sceptics
    For all the sceptics

    I was walking in Manhattan last week and saw a guy outside a hotel, getting into a taxi with his family and all his suitcases, apparently they were checking out of the hotel. I noticed that sticking out of one of the bags was a box of single matzah that he obviously received from someone on mivtzoim, he was taking it with him. It just goes to show that ppl really keep the matzahs and use it for pesach even if they are travelling interstate/overseas… Even giving one matza to one yid is not a waste of time. Kol hakavod… Read more »