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Tuesday, 15 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 18, 2019

    Chief Rabbi Thanked For Change

    Israel's Chief Rabbi David Lau was thanked for implementing something very dear to the Rebbe during his visit to Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos, Video

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    Special zechus to host Rabbi Lau
    Special zechus to host Rabbi Lau

    He carries himself with malchus, and he is treated as such. A beautiful reception.

    From a Guest at Chanina's House
    From a Guest at Chanina's House

    I spent an hour, watching and listening to everything that was going on, at the meeting.
    My conclusion, after hearing Rabbi Lau, Shlit”a, speak.

    He is a humble man, with a strong sense of Bitochoin and Emunah, he is a shining example of Ahvas/Achdus, Yisroel.

    May we all merit to be that way.

    Moshiach Now!

    Square Luchos...
    Square Luchos...

    It’s very nice to change the luchos to the correct way (as described in Gemara), but is that issues that we need to discuss with the Chief Rabbi?
    What about serious discussion in halacha or community issues, collaborative programs for our youth, etc?