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Monday, 19 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 22, 2019

    Can Someone Be Chosen to Do Evil?

    Living Torah video: Why did G-d punish the Egyptians if it was decreed that the Jews were to be enslaved? Video

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    Question: The Rebbe resolves the question of free choice for Pharoh because a negative decree can be erased, but a negative decree that a prophet said can be erased if the Yidden do teshuvah. This is not the case here because its a decree from Hashem and the yidden didnt do teshuva…so its not up to Pharoh, its up to Hashem,,right? Can anyone explain… thank you!

    An attempt!
    An attempt!

    No decree is from a prophet – the prophet is Hashem’s mouthpiece. The Rebbe is saying that a negative decree by Hashem (as transmitted by a novi, or not) can be changed by Teshuva. This is proof that negative decrees can be changed (in the example the Rebbe gave, by teshuva, but there may be other ways it can be changed) so Pharaoh was not totally forced. Things can be changed. I think the point is that negative decrees are not set in stone, so don’t tell me Pharaoh was bound from the minute the decree was made. There are… Read more »