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Tuesday, 15 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 18, 2019

    Brit students excel in exams

    85 percent of the students at the Lubavitch Senior Girls School in London who took 21 exams in mathematics, Biblical Hebrew and religious studies achieved an A or B Full Story

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    the rebbes shita was not to learn limudai chol at all, how are you publicly prazing thes limudim, even if you have an exuse why you do have limuday chol in your school, but dont publicise it, dont be mechazek this , others might learn from thisthats its O K to have limudai chol in the rebbes moisdois. the rebbes once wrote thats you have to be carful what you do in one moisad because it has an afect on other moisdois. GEVALD GEVALD when will we start folowing the rebbes directives AS IT IS, without pshetlach and exuces. would… Read more »

    TO Comment #1
    TO Comment #1

    This is girls school only and has been teaching english for many years (over 30), stop trying to start machlokas and fights by acting as an ignramous