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Thursday, 21 Av, 5779
  |  August 22, 2019
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    Bochurim View Broadcast Room

    Bochurim in New York for Tishrei were shown the WLCC room in 770 Eastern Parkway which broadcast the Rebbe's farbrengens. Photos

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    Chabad & technology
    Chabad & technology

    Why can’t they give them tours of offices and JEM offices? That is where chabad is at work TODAY an reaches millions more peope than the few they reached with this outdated stuff.

    What about the girls?
    What about the girls?

    Can we crown heights get a tour too??? We also want to see everything in 770 in addition to where we daven
    Pls arrange a tour for the girls and women of crown heights as well
    Thank you
    And post on collive so we’ll all know to come!