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Tuesday, 15 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 18, 2019

    Accidentally Taking Wrong Luggage

    Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm on Online Smicha: What do you do when you accidentally take the wrong suitcase home? Video

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    Practical answer
    Practical answer

    All your pilpuling aside, the answer is obvious: call the airline and tell them you have the missing suitcase that they’ve been looking all over for, and let them come and pick it up, and deliver it to its owner. In the meantime, report that your suitcase is lost, and they probably have it in a warehouse somewhere.

    Takonas Hashovim
    Takonas Hashovim

    If takonas hashovim is available for a deliberate thief, then kol shekein that it’s available for someone who was merely negligent. Shelo yehei chotei niskar. If it’s not available, I will simply claim to have been meizid!

    Took the wrong coat
    Took the wrong coat

    Practial questions:

    What happens when you take the wrong coat from shul?

    Worse, when there is only one coat left on the rack, and it isn’t yours – and it is really freezing outside, can you “borrow” the coat that was left behind (by the guy who took your coat)?