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Wednesday, 23 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 26, 2019

    Yarchei Kallah Ends With a Call

    "I don't have what to say to the Roshei Yeshivos, but I can speak to the bochurim," the "Rosh" Rabbi Ezra Schochet said at the conclusion of the Yarchei Kallah in New York. Full Story, Photos

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    yasher koach to the ROSH from Yerushalayim
    yasher koach to the ROSH from Yerushalayim

    Every bochur should take his words to heart and learn constantly.There is no reason that every bochur in Lubavitch should not make a Siyam Hashas every three years and Siyum haRambam every year.The ROSH is there for every bochur.Go for it . you’ll be glad you did!!!!!!!

    Go Shlomy!!
    Go Shlomy!!

    Keep it up!!

    From Israel

    All this Photo Image
    All this Photo Image

    Meni Ben Shahar, Good for continued success