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Sunday, 24 Av, 5779
  |  August 25, 2019
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    When Children Choose Other Path

    Applied Chassidus with Rabbi Simon Jacobson: Tes-Yud Kislev; The Rebbe Rashab and Freud; Staying Inspired as a Community Leader; When Children Choose Another Path. Video

    Playground to Honor Sara Deren

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    pained by his choices
    pained by his choices

    thank you for your comforting words re having a child who choses another path. We brought our son up frum within a chabad mezkeret all the way through getting smeicha. now, said child his attending Harvard, getting his PhD in Judaic studies and philosophy . at present he has become bascially non-observant. albeit we are proud of his accomplishments and perserverance, however, we are not thrilled with his choices in pursuing a more secular way of life. you re-enforced what I know in my heart I must continue to do..keeping a tight kesher with him, showing alot of love and… Read more »