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Monday, 22 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 27, 2019

    Weekly Moment with the Rebbe

    A desperate lawyer. A daughter at death’s door. When crisis knocked, the Rebbe answered. The Avner Institute presents a fascinating excerpt from the diary of Rabbi Berel Junik obm. Full Story

    Cheder Visit Philly Police Station

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    Thank you for posting this story.
    Thank you for posting this story.

    Thank you for posting this story!!! Beautiful Rebbe story. Amazing! This may not sound like a crazy wild hashgacha pratis story to share but it does have meaning to me. I happened to learn this sicha this past shabbos and I saw the footnote in toras Menachem that the sicha was related to a miracle that happend for someone’s daughter. I said to my chavrusa it would be amazing to know the story , but oh well, who knows if anyone is around that would remember this story…Today I am reading the story here. I am blown away. The value… Read more »

    Plumbing businessman pictured not an attorney?
    Plumbing businessman pictured not an attorney?

    The picture I think is not of a lawyer but a very nice giver who runs a plumbing business in West Orange. Great guy and has thr picture proudly on display in his shul.