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Monday, 21 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 24, 2019

    Video: Unconditional Love

    Web series with acclaimed educator Miryam Swerdlov blending Chassidus and humor: What we learn from Yitzchok's bris. Video

    L’Chaim: Pinson – Berkowitz

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    Conditional Love
    Conditional Love

    Nice video! I appreciate your passion for Torah learning. I think most people have what we call in the modern world conditional love – meaning, the actions and behavior that is experienced from a loving person (like a father to a son) is on condition that a certain expected behavior is in order. Otherwise, if it’s not so, whatever emotions being experienced by the father will result into the child—for the better or worse. We are human and this is how most of us were conditioned to communicate. A person who loves UNconditionally is one who by instinct (almost unnaturally)… Read more »


    Yes. I understand. Well said. We live in hard times. The MOST ANGRY comment I ever heard from my Father, Reb Zalmen Butman, was זאלסטו זיין געזונט און שטארק…you should be healthy and strong….said in a strong voice….🙄, but nevvvver more than that. And if you know me…. you know he had trying moments as a Father. So there was disappointment, or disapprovement…but always love.