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Saturday, 17 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 20, 2019

    US Troops to Middle East, Poway Gunman, Fare Evasion

    Now on Video roundup of international and national news updates from US Troops to the Middle East, Poway gunman in court, MTA fights fare evasion. Video

    Germany: 2 Jews with Kippahs Targeted in Separate Cities

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    New Shluchim to Miami Beach

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    Fare Evasion on Kingston Avenue
    Fare Evasion on Kingston Avenue

    I’ve never seen it on this scale ANYWHERE in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Wait upstairs near the turnstiles everyday and see as I do, literally 50% of the people coming through (NOT from our community) go over the turnstiles, open the door for their colleagues to come through, openly. Free ride every day at tax payers expense. No police, token booth agent doesn’t say a word, no consequences what so ever. Misdemeanors, crime, it’s all free in Crown Heights. As a long time resident who’s seen it all, my suggestion is, have some people from the Jewish community evade fares THEN… Read more »


    My friend paid but it didn’t open so he went over and the cop went after him and gave him a ticket
    He showed he paid but didn’t care