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Friday, 19 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 24, 2019

    Urgent Surgery For Shmuly’s Eye

    Shmuly Oirechman, son of Tallahassee Shluchim Shneur and Chana Oirechman, urgently needs surgery to save his eye, which is not covered by insurance. Full Story

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    big refuah shilema
    big refuah shilema

    He should have a speedy recovery!

    Much hatzlocha in the surgery!!
    Much hatzlocha in the surgery!!

    Is there a way to know how much money was collected by now?
    I hope they will get all the sum as soon as possible!!

    To #2
    To #2

    Click at the end of the article where it says “Participate Now” to see how much has been collected. The results are currently disappointing and everyone should take a minute to donate NOW so this wonderful family will see our love & support !