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Sunday, 13 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 16, 2019

    Try 3 Fun New Latke Recipes

    If you’re bored of the same old latkes each year, here are 3 new latke ideas to try: Beet and Potato, Sweet Potato, and Apple and Pear. Full Story, Video

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    re: potato latkehs vs.???
    re: potato latkehs vs.???

    while these are creative and probably delicious ideas, they are, to those of us who’ve been around for a long time, not really latkehs. they’re more like yummy pancakes, not really reminiscent of chanukah. i know, i know, you’re saying get with the program and move on; but i’m too much of a traditionalist for that. to me it’s akin to serving some kind of exotic vegetable soup instead of chicken soup friday night.
    as far as i’m concerned there’s something decidedly heimish about a jewish tradition that’s been around for centuries.

    hi number 1
    hi number 1

    can you relax? literally no one is forcing you to make these latkes. go ahead with your potatoes. potato on for 8 nights. as far as you’re concerned, DON’T be concerned- it’s a latkeh. lighten up.

    to #2
    to #2

    yeah, i guess it’s a latkeh if you wanna call it that. a freilichen chanukah and much light to all!