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Sunday, 24 Av, 5779
  |  August 25, 2019
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    Torah’s View On Marijuana Use

    Applied Chassidus: How Does a Chassid Look at Summer Vacation? How Do We Reconcile Chassidus’ Emphasis on Non-Indulgence in Material Delights with the Lavish Dinners Thrown by Chassidic Institutions? Is Marijuana Different Than Other Recreational Stress Relievers? Video

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    Recreational Marijuana Use
    Recreational Marijuana Use

    Wow, this is a really controversial issue in the Frum world. Right up there with Tznius and Smartphones. I’m not only impressed that Reb Jacobson is addressing it in this public forum, but I am also impressed with his answer. Reb Jacobson, I think you just turned me into one of your regular listeners of Applied Chassidus. 🙂

    Recreation Marijuana Use?  NO WAY!
    Recreation Marijuana Use? NO WAY!

    The Rebbe, from what I heard, told a bochor to look up Rav Moshe Feinsteins letter when that bochor asked if he could use Marijuana on Purim. I am a neurologist and I have been seeing many many patients messed up from using pot and jobs and marriages destroyed. The marijuana today is up to 17 time stronger then what was used in the 60’s and 70’s and is damaging the brains and lives of our youth and young adults. Rav Moshe Feinstein called marijuana use an Issur D’Oraisa and of course he was right. In pill form marijuana will… Read more »