Saturday, 6 Heshvan, 5781
  |  October 24, 2020


Shneur Hirsch, 39, OBM

Shneur Zalman Hirsch, a young husband and father from Crown Heights who co-founded a successful furniture manufacturing company, passed away on Wednesday after battling an illness. Full Story

Sukkos Mivtzoim in Aubervilliers, France

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October 14, 2020 9:25 pm

Bde so sad

October 14, 2020 9:27 pm

The nicest guy in the world. Never said a bad word to anyone, the sweetest nicest guy, always positive.

Baruch Dayan haemet!!!
October 14, 2020 9:30 pm


October 14, 2020 9:31 pm

Very sweet and kind person!!!!

October 14, 2020 9:32 pm

Devorah Leah, we are devastated to hear this news. We have been davening for his refuah for so long. My Hashem comfort you and your children during this sad time.
Solomons from CA

October 14, 2020 9:38 pm

Ad masai

Bde. We need Moshiach.
October 14, 2020 9:38 pm

His wife, children, parents and whole family should see him tonight with Moshiach.

Reply to  Bde. We need Moshiach.
October 14, 2020 10:18 pm

Enough of golus.

Ad Mosai!!
October 14, 2020 9:40 pm

So tragic and heartbreaking. He was the nicest guy. We need Moshiach!
Baruch Dayan HaEmes

Hashem!! Your children, have mercy!!
October 14, 2020 9:42 pm

Boruch Dayan HaEmes! Please send Moshiach now!!

Hashem!! Your children, have mercy!!
October 14, 2020 9:42 pm

Please send Moshiach now!!

Shneur was a wonderful person and a true chossod
October 14, 2020 9:43 pm

He will be sorely missed- we love you Devorah Leah

BDE so sorry to the family....
October 14, 2020 9:47 pm

Not knowing this person but you can see the chein on his face; this is a tragic loss.
So sorry for the family and friends.

Shneur was a beautiful soul
October 14, 2020 9:54 pm

HASHEM! what do you want from us? he did so much good and had so much more things to do.


October 14, 2020 10:01 pm

So so sad!!! I’m so sorry for the wife parents and kids
May you only know happiness from now on

We need moshiach now.
October 14, 2020 10:14 pm

Moshiach now. This breaks my heart. We love you so much Devorah leah and kids. Bde

A True Chosid
October 14, 2020 10:24 pm

Schneur was a True Chosid. A humble, quiet and gentle person. Always positive, even during his terrible illness

Shenuer was a brilliant businessman and helped many people. He loved his work, but more importantly loved his wife and children and always placed them first.

To Devorah Leah, and to the entire Hirsch and Gitlin families, May HaShem comfort you amongst the other mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.

A gentle soul
October 14, 2020 10:31 pm

From my little interactions with R’ Schneur Z”L, I could tell he was someone special.
Reserved in his own way, but hiding a big life behind his smile.

May his family be comforted, know no more sorrow and be reunited with him speedily with the coming of moshiach.

Fellow Shliach
October 14, 2020 10:40 pm

He was always so so generous- a huge Baal Tzedokah. He was a giant and will be missed. May the family have a Nechamah. BDE

October 14, 2020 10:54 pm

A true example of a person. Kind , refined, and humble. Schneur we will miss you.

Ad mosai?!?!
October 14, 2020 10:55 pm

We need moshiach!!

Oy Oy Oy
October 14, 2020 10:58 pm

I used to see him many mornings as he brought his kids to school. Such a tragedy! What a loss ! I’m so sad for the family. May Hashem give you the strength to go on!

ad masi Hashem
October 14, 2020 11:08 pm

I miss you brother. Hashem get us out of galus please please please

October 14, 2020 11:14 pm

This so unbelievabley sad
I cant believe it
Shneur was real genuine chosid
What is says about him is 100 % true

I can personally say he supported our chabad house,in very kind way.
Even though he could have said that he has enough crown heights mosdos to support
As mosai

Bentzion shemtov Chicago

October 14, 2020 11:21 pm

Our thoughts are with the Hirsch family and our first cousin Devorah Leah.
Schneur was so so sweet.
Stay strong everyone. Moshiach now!

October 14, 2020 11:48 pm

This is so sad Devorah Leah and family may Hashem comfort you in such a difficult time. There are no words my heart is aching. Hashem please send Moshiach immediately!!!!

Devorah Leah hold on tight!
October 15, 2020 12:02 am

His wife is such a special person – involved in mivtzoim! May HaShem give his wife and family much strength
May we be reunited with all of our loved ones immediately with coming of Moahiach!!!

October 15, 2020 12:04 am

Rest in peace, dear brother. We love you and will miss you. May Hashem help provide comfort to his family.

חבל על דאבדין
October 15, 2020 12:29 am

Schneur was a true mensch. A genuine person thru and thru. He was humble, real, never looking for the limelight. He personified the 21st century chassidisher baal habos. And he was more chossid than baal habos. A good friend to many, and especially to those who struggled with friendship. He will be sorely missed. May Hashem bring his family real comfort.
Moshe Wolf, Chicago

October 15, 2020 12:43 am

We will miss you Shneur.
Shneur was a wonderful person, a good friend, the kindest person ever.
So sad.

October 15, 2020 12:44 am

I’m so deeply sorry to hear this devastating news , may we be reunited with Moshiach Now!!!

A special special human
October 15, 2020 1:57 am

We need mashiach right now!

We are devastated to hear this news! Schneur was the kindest and sweetest person I have ever met. A smart, resilient businessman and a loving and caring father and husband. A true chossid of the Rebbe.

May HaShem grant the Gitlin’s and the Hirsch’s with comfort and strength through these times.

Raphy solomon
October 15, 2020 3:58 am

As Devorah Leahs uncle, I was privileged to know Shneur extremely well. He was the most amazing, kind and wonderful person. What I’ve never discussed with anyone is the personal bond we developed privately. Over the years I was zoche to be involved with him with many tzedaka cases here in Eretz Yisroel. Countless families had food for Shabbos, people were able to make weddings etc etc all through the amazing chessed of this most special neshama. What is more amazing is that I never had to call, email or ask for the funds. It was like an almost Baal… Read more »

Crying for the loss
Reply to  Raphy solomon
October 15, 2020 4:08 pm

Your niece’s husband sounded like a true tzadik. People should write down for his children about the wonderful work he did, as well as his devotion to Torah and family. Hashem should comfort the extended family too. May he rise from the dust now. May the yesurim he was tested with bring Moshiach now!

A Tzadik
October 15, 2020 5:56 am

About 12 years ago I came to the Kinus to fundraise for my Chabad house. I met Shneur in Shul, I did not know he was a successful business man and I did not even think of asking him for a donation (it was right after the economy fell), we had some small talk in Shul and I told him what I was doing with out a even asking he responded by saying in a soft voice, I am b”h doing well and I will give you a donation, the next day he brought a nice check

October 15, 2020 8:47 am

I knew schnaur whem he lived on East New York Ave. He was so refined, kind, charitable, humble. I’m very sad from this loss. Such a special person. May Hashem bring comfort and Moshiach Now!

An old neighbor from East New York Avenue.

Last edited 9 days ago by Bde
May Hashem comfort the family
October 15, 2020 9:46 am

And send Moshiach now!!

October 15, 2020 9:49 am

What a nice and kind person he was – one of a kind and only positive.
We need more people like him, what a huge loss. 🙁

shneur hirsh
October 15, 2020 10:02 am

I personally know of many families here in ch that he wired big sums of many to weekly monthly yearly he was a tzadik gumur.

A friend of the family
October 15, 2020 10:48 am

This is a tragedy. As a parent, I cannot fathom the deep pain and loss that is felt when a beloved child is niftar. The only comfort is that Moshiach is going to be revealed, may it happen immediately now. All our loved ones must be reunited with their families and end the suffering.

Vehachai Yitain El Libo
October 15, 2020 11:09 am

There is so much to write about Schnuer,,,, one thing we must all take to heart, Schnuer was a true example of being a businessman yet still placing his wife and children first. He knew how to balance his work, family and community.

What a loss. HaShem,, please send comfort the entire family, please.

The shneur that I knew
October 15, 2020 11:12 am

As someone who was in contact with shneur over the years. I saw within him 2 extremes, on one hand he was a brilliant businessman who literally built a company out of his parents garage to a national icon, with tremendous hatzlachah, far beyond what people know. Yet he had the extreme of Yiras shomaim, הצנע לכת, and so much איידעלקייט and גאון יעקב, he would not compromised on פרומקייט and חסידישקייט. He once mentioned to me that he sees his business as a shlichus to show people that you can be frum-without-compromise and still be successful in corporate America.… Read more »

Chaim goldenberg
October 15, 2020 1:42 pm

Have such fond memories of shneur. Worked with him in the early days…May hachem comfort the family and send moshiach now

October 15, 2020 7:01 pm

Baruch Dayan Hoemes
Moshiach should come right now

Truly heart breaking
October 16, 2020 2:10 pm

Shneur really was a modern day tzadik. Bde
Hashem should comefort his family.. and we should be reunited with Moshiach now!

October 16, 2020 5:17 pm

Schneur was my shliach when I was in Monsey and I have vivid memories of his eidelkeit.
When I was moving out on Shlichus, I saw him on the street and asked for a donation.

Enough Golus!!!!!
October 17, 2020 5:11 pm

Hashem!!!!! Why?!?
Hashem please bring Moshiach right now!!!!!!!

Special Jew
October 18, 2020 3:40 pm

We cannot understand hashems ways. We cannot understand hashems plan. Many frum people wish to be like Shneur. Great husband and father, Chasidish and successful at the same time. It is clear to me that hashems plan includes Shneur having a larger role that we dont see. We will not understand until moshiach arrives. That should happen now.

October 19, 2020 4:07 pm

I used to babysit for this family. I’m in shock and tears!!!! May Hashem send all the comfort to the family!!